GIGIO THE FERRET'S SONGS – Melody Castellari

The songs in this album are part of Gigio the Ferret’s  learning educational project are performed by Melody Castellari with the choir of Istituto Galileo Galilei in Gragnano Trebbiense directed by Professor Silvia Sesenna

This project was born from the professional experience of teacher Maria Chiara Ferri with the aim of providing both educators and families with useful tools to establish communication to the children while carrying out healthy nutrition practices. The first volume Gigio the Ferret Perfect Cook deals with the importance of being together, solving little problems, going to school and learn and having fun with friends. The second volume, Gigio the Ferret’s Different Recipes is focused on the problems caused by poor nutrition and in particular to the children affected by celiac disease, who may get seriously ill if they do not stick to a gluten-free diet. The third volume, Gigio the Ferret Grows Flavours is about growing up and the importance of keeping pace with  Nature’s rithm. This book teaches and urges to start a home cultivation of vegetables and aromatic herbs to be used in cookery.

The stories are by Maria Chiara Ferri, the pictures by Giusy Schiavi and are available in e-book format too (translated into Widgit symbols).

The book has been approved by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) and it was at the EXPO2015 Vivaio Scuola project and at the 27th International Book Fair in Havana.

The English and Spanish translations, the You Tube videos about field experiences, the theatre play “Cosa bolle in pentola” (What’s Boiling”), the video stories narrated by Giancarlo Cattaneo and the participation in Luca Bottura’s programme Lateral by Radio Capital have contributed to the popularity of the book, which has enjoyed recognitions and praise even from the Spanish and British Royal families.