Club music - EtnOrchestra

The productions, included in Club Music by EtnOrchestra are made by: John Belpaese, Andrea Bertolini, FranQues, Los Tiburone, Madd├Ę, Gianluca Pighi, Christian Scalas, Tom Wax. & Strobe.
Level49 record label releases some remixes/reworks made by the EtnOrchestra project, aiming to complete the artistic lines in live clubs.
Jean's voice is strong, additive and unique. The originals Wolof Tora and Tribal movement, taken from the albums "Wolof Movement" and "Real Destination", are the tracks with the most remixed versions.

Mastering: Alberto Callegari -Elfo Studio. graphic: Luca Zaninoni, print: TTG Piacenza, label: Level49 (cat.code L49CDC620). digital download by Artist First -Milan.

EtnOrchestra, has been awarded by the critics and the public for the particular groove and sound in prestigious International Festivals (POOKOMM-Germany, WOMEX-Holland and Spain, MERCAT de MUSIC VIVE - Spain, MEDIMEX and MEI-Italy, WMC MIAMI-Florida, MUSIC NET-Switzerland).

Jean Diarra leader and voice has attended numerous European concerts from 2006 to 2011 adding emphasis to the shows with phrases in Wolof language and African dances and supported in the recordings by the famous arranger and musician Alessandro Bertozzi.

With the music and the unmistakable voice of the Senegalese artist, the remixes/reworks are: WOLOF TORA and FUNKVILLE (John Belpaese), FATU WO (Madd├Ę), BUYAKKA (FranQues), THORA THORA (Tom Wax and StroBe), TORA TORA ( Asco & One One), TRIBAL MUVEMENT (Gianluca Pighi, Christian Scalas, Andrea Bertolini), MUCHACA LOCA (Los Tiburone), ININNA TORA and ANANAWE (Stylus Robb) and TORA (Kura).

Vocal and groove samples of the most representative songs are published in "EtnOrchestra samples", available to artists who want to create new remixes.

The video clips published, Wolof tora, In My Dream, Real Destination, are made by Roberto Dassoni, the previews of Yele Mama and Wolof Tora by Bamba Kaara.

Level49 and its artists support PLANETE ZERO SENEGAL, the proceeds from the EtnOrchestra publications will be donated to the association's initiatives.
PLANETE ZERO SENEGAL started in London in 2012 thanks to Jean Diarra's willingness, artist and lead voice of EtnOrchestra, outlines the situation of Senegal explaining throughout a video-interview the reasons and the goals that push him to improve the country's bad conditions.
"Planete Zero Senegal was born with the ambition and purpose of fighting poverty and the difficulties on Africa's path. We try to get in touch with people and help them without any middle-entity. We think that in this way might help Senegalese people to be responsible in facing the situation. I want to thank with all my heart Asco & One One,John Belpaese, Andrea Bertolini, FranQues, Los Tiburone, Madd├Ę, Gianluca Pighi, Christian Scalas, Tom Wax.& Strobe, Andrea Torretta, Maria Chiara Ferri, Alessandro Bertozzi, Luca Zaninoni e Alberto Callegari who made this album possible. With esteem and affection for you" Jean D.

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