SMILE AGAIN the new Album by Marguerite B.

What remains is love.One Day my Beloved called my name softly and said "Your Voice is like Music, Your Love and Friendship are like Heaven and Heaven lasts Forever.

"Marguerite keeps alive, well alive, in her heart and mind, all great hopes for a World of Beauty and Values. With my Warmest Friendship". Franco Zeffirelli

The SMILE AGAIN album contains 8 songs: 1 Smile again / 2 Walk with me / 3 Morning dew/ 4 Make you feel my love (Bob Dylan) / 5 We had it all (Donne Fritts and Troy Seals) / 6 Love is a losing game (Amy Winehouse) / 7 Come back to me / 8 Beautiful mistery.

All songs are sung and written by Marguerite Birri. Cover (song: 4/5/6). Arrangement: Carlo Pisani (song: 2/5/8), Max Repetti (piano song: 1/3/6). With the participation of: Lindi Birri (backingsinger), Giovanni Guerretti (piano song: 7), Marty Strings quartett: Gianandrea Guerra (1┬░ violin), Paolo Costanzo (2┬░ violin), Elena Castagnola (viola), Lorenzo Quero (cello). Mastering: Alberto Callegari_Elfo studio_ Tavernago. Graphic: Maurizio Anselmi. Print: TTG_ Piacenza. Publisher: Libreria dello studente. Producer: Maria Chiara Ferri by LEVEL49 (Italy).

I thank all the musicians who collaborated on the creation of my albums. With Heartfelt thanks Always for their expertise and friendship; Alberto Callegari the sound engineer at Elfo Studios, my sister Lindi and special mention to the dynamic Maria Chiara Ferri at Level49, whose energy and drive moves Mountains!

Marguerite is an English singer/songwriter, from London who has returned to Italy where she has her heritage, to write and record SMILE AGAIN and CALL MY NAME. These two new Albums contain new songs and new version of her songs from her Albums: HEART TO HEART, LOVE BEYOND COMPARE (2022) and STOLEN WINGS (2016) Recorded at the Inovative Elfo Studios (Italy) and London Studios U.K. She has Sung in New York, Israel, Italy, The Isle of Wight, Lourdes France, a Radio London and at Chrysalis, Air Studios for the Iconic Music producer Sir George Martin. In 2003 she recorded her Album WALK WITH ME and donated all proceeds to Charity. MargueriteÔÇÖs albums are in the LEVEL49 catalogue digital distribution by Artist First.