CALL MY NAME the new Album by Marguerite B.

I will sing forever of my love

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Rather Light a Candle than complain Against the Darkness. My Songs were born in Lourdes, a Place where Earth and Heaven meet, Each song a Thousand Prayers Deep. Each Song a Candle in the Darkness. Courage Mon ame. La priere obtient tout, Le Coeur de Jesus est là, Frappons.

The CALL MY NAME album contains 12 songs dedicated to Divine Love: 01 Mother Mary live version / 02 Love beyond compare / 03 Goodness of God (Jenn Johnson, Ed Cash, Ben Fielding) / 04 Perfect love / 05 Dona Nobis Pacem / 06 Wind beneath my wings (Jeff Silbar, Larry Henley) / 07 Mother Mary / 08 Broken dreams / 09 Santa Maria / 10 Morning dew / 11 Love beyond compare / 12 Dona Nobis Pacemlive version.

All songs are sung and written by Marguerite Birri. Backingsinger: Lindi Birri. Arrangement: Carlo Pisani (song:8), Fabrizio De Facqz (song: 5/11). Cover song (3/6) Recorded in London Studios. The songs: 2/4/7 were released on the E.P. LOVE BEYOND COMPARE from 2022. Recording and Mastering: Alberto Callegari_Elfo studio_ Tavernago. Graphic: Maurizio Anselmi. Print: TTG_ Piacenza. Producer: Maria Chiara Ferri by LEVEL49 (Italy).

The album is accompanied by two videos, Mother Mary and Dona Nobis Pacem, made in the dome of the Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral in Piacenza. The Cathedral is a unique setting for the video recording of Marguerite B's work. Filming and video editing by Roberto Dassoni.

‚ÄúListening to Marguerite's CD you have the clear sensation of being enveloped by the breath of the Spirit of God. The Music and singing communicate feelings and emotions. Marguerite's voice is beautiful because it alternates clarity with a sense of Mystery, the Devine, the search for the Light within‚ÄĚ. Padre Giandomenico Ziliotto

This Album is my Gift to the 3 Marys; my Mother Mary, Maria Chiara Ferri and Mary Corradi. Louise never forgotten. With Heartfelt thanks Always for their expertise and friendship; Alberto Callegari at Elfo Studios, the Sublime Creativity of Roberto Dassoni for his video and images and special mention to the dynamic Maria Chiara Ferri at Level49, whose energy and drive moves Mountains! Heartfelt thanks to the journalist Padre Giandomenico Zillotto (The voice of the Italians).

Marguerite is an English singer/songwriter, from London who has returned to Italy where she has her heritage, to write and record SMILE AGAIN and CALL MY NAME. These two new Albums contain new songs and new version of her songs from her Albums: HEART TO HEART, LOVE BEYOND COMPARE (2022) and STOLEN WINGS (2016) Recorded at the Inovative Elfo Studios (Italy) and London Studios U.K. She has Sung in New York, Israel, Italy, The Isle of Wight, Lourdes France, a Radio London and at Chrysalis, Air Studios for the Iconic Music producer Sir George Martin. In 2003 she recorded her Album WALK WITH ME and donated all proceeds to Charity. Marguerite’s albums are in the LEVEL49 catalogue digital distribution by Artist First.