Marguerite: Stolen Wings

Marguerite is an English singer-songwriter who is back in Italy where she has her origins. She sang in New York, London, Israel, Isle of Wight, in Lourdes in France on Radio London and in AIR STUDIOS member of Chryselis and Air groups of companies for Sir George Martin. In 2003, she released an album of his "Walk With Me" songs, of which all proceeds were donated to Charity.

STOLEN WINGS is Marguerite 's new Album made in Italy at Elfo Studios and London Studios ( UK)

Musicians, Max Repetti, Renato Podestà, Giovanni Guerretti, Alex Carreri, Omar Dodaro, Stefano Bertolotti, Fabrizio De Facqz, Jordy Tagliaferri, Carlo Pisani, Nereo Villa, Paolo Codognola, Rowan ODuffey, Marty Strings Quartett. Sound engineer responsable for the recording is Alberto Callegari.

The album is in digital download and You Tube