Roses are not flowers - collection IV - Melody Castellari

This collection contains brand new songs and other chosen form Level 49’s catalogue, played by professional artists and young talents. 
Melody Castellari made a remake of the songs “Metterò le ali” and “Oltre”, written by Giovanni Baiardi.  
She is also the singing teacher of young Nicole Cebrero at the school Artemusica and guided her through the recording session of “Donna a metà”, written by Alessandro Bertozzi.  
Simona Barletta is the winner of the Mia Martini Award in 2016 and is the singer and producer of the songs “L’Oro nei lividi” and “Imparo a volare”.  
Giorgia Romanelli is the winner of the National music contest “Germano Varesi 2017”, hers the vocals on “Inverso” of which the video is already online.  
Sara Fornito, leader of the band Diva Scarlet, presents some of the songs that signed the debut of the band with Level 49. In that year, 2009, they played on the prestigious stage of “Primo Maggio” in Rome.  
A collection of inspired songs and catchy rhythm that entice the listener to the singing .  
At the bottom of the lineup you’ll find the Karaoke Versions ready to use.