WHY MUST I WAIT? - Alessandro Bertozzi

I love writing songs. All the sudden, the melody hits me when I listen to voices that give me emotions. This collection is dedicated to all the singers that interpreted my music.

The record collects 9 songs composed by Alessandro Bertozzi inspired by the unmistakable voices of Paola Folli, Hiram Bullock, Joshua Lloyd West alias doctor West, Luca Velletri, Melody Castellari and Jean Diarra with whom he creates duets together with his Yamaha alto saxophone.

With the launch of the new album WHY MUST I WAIT? Alessandro wants to commemorate the friendship and the musical collaboration with the Afro-American guitarist Hiram Bullock.

All the compositions are by Alessandro Bertozzi while the lyrics are written by David James Stockdale, Melody Castellari, Jean Diarra and Joshua Lloyd West.

The songs are edited in Alessandro's Talkin'back, Crystals and Funky Party which are all part of the Level49 catalogue, apart from "A new kind of dawn" and "Break out" that are published for the first time. The album has been mastered by Alberto Callegari who collected various recordings performed at the Elfo Studio between 1999 and 2019.

A new kind of dawn is performed by Luca Velletri (Alessandro Bertozzi, David Stockdale - WHY MUST I WAIT?),
Break out is performed by Paola Folli (Alessandro Bertozzi, David Stockdale - WHY MUST I WAIT?),
Deeper than blue is performed by Melody Castellari (Alessandro Bertozzi, David Stockdale - ROSES ARE NOT FLOWERS V),
Fed up and No doubt about are performed by Paola Folli (Alessandro Bertozzi, David Stockdale- TALKIN'BACK),
Party tonight is performed by Joshua West (Alessandro Bertozzi, Joshua West-FUNKY PARTY),
Real destination is performed by Jean Diarra (Alessandro Bertozzi, Jean Diarra - REAL DESTINATION),
Together alive is performed by Melody Castellari (Alessandro Bertozzi, Melody Castellari- ROSES ARE NOT FLOWERS I),
Why must I wait? Is performed by Hiram Bullock (Alessandro Bertozzi -CRYSTALS).

The compositions and the alto/soprano saxophone parts are performed by Alessandro Bertozzi.
Max Rapetti plays the piano on Deeper than blue while the album's graphical layout is by Luca Zaniononi.
The video clip about the recording of WHY MUST I WAIT, is directed by Roberto Dassoni and performed by the actress Carolina Migli Bateson can be viewed on YouTube at the following link: https://youtu.be/8fLu4V_k_sk

To receive the copy of the album at your address, write an email to: info@level49.it