Notte di Musica: lo spettacolo in DVD

The acclaimed show, that featured one hundred artists from Piacenza to the Politeama Theatre, received SIAE's patronage for its particular and highly cultural nature.

Young students, dancers and musicians, alongside professionals, came together to support "Authors' Rights".

Everyone, passionately, lined up to support the strong message launched by the organisers: "Without artists, authors, and their work, there wouldn't be excitement, beauty, and passion brought by art. Supporting shows like this, ensures a future for art in your city."

An hour of fun and harmony; after the cartoon that opened the show, a succession of stunning performances presented by Andrea Dossena and Melody Castellari:
Marco Rancati, Alessandro Bertozzi, Amedeo Morretta, Placentia Gospel Choir, Roberto Barocelli, Umberto Dadà, Mikeless and Morrywood, Alberto Zucconi, Misfatto, Clover, P.O.Box Tribute, Artemusica (directed by MaxRepetti) and Artemusica DanceLab (directed by Simona Gnarini).