out for Level49 Tora Tora Asco's single of the tour 2017 February 27/ 26 Mombai India - Tora Tora: a milestone in the music of the 2000s returns with a brand new dress! The western plots of ASCO meet the oriental ones of the Indian Duo Djs One & One! An encounter that does not disappoint the public! ASCO with Tora Tora remix (2017) marks the beginning of the collaboration between the record labels LEVEL49 and Red Lizard Records. The version of Tora Tora produced by ASCO will be published on the album: CLUB MUSIC by EtnOrchestra. The album contains compositions by industry professionals who have revisited the works from Level49's record catalog with the personal style and re-proposed in their evenings in the most prestigious clubs in the world.
ASCO DJ aka Alessandro Xiureref is a very young artist celebrated many times as a rising star in international music. ASCO is present with its latest productions at ADE in Amsterdam 2019.
ASCO, Italian dj producer creating refreshing house sounds linked to the new Future Groove movement! Fresh from releases on Spinnin's MAXXIMIZE, DOORN Records, Big Beat, ASCO's productions have been played at Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival Miami, EDC Las Vegas.With 4 releases on DOORN, the relationship with the label is stronger than ever, ASCO has performed at Sander Van Doorn's party in Amsterdam during Amsterdam Dance Event , SVD Party at Spinnin' Hotel in Miami during the Miami Music Week and Purple Haze party during ADE 2019!His music has been supported by Martin Garrix, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Hardwell, Nicky Romero, Kryder, Sander Van Doorn, Afrojack, Will Sparks to name a few.In the past year ASCO travelled the world with gigs in India, USA, Asia (including Illuzion Phuket / Playhouse Chengdu, Playhouse Chongquing, Catwalk Guangzhou China - all Dj Mag Top 100 Clubs) and all over Europe including Balaton Sound Festival in Hungary. ASCO is also founder and A&R of RED LIZARD Records an indie label that keeps growing day by day.
LEVEL49 Alessandro ASCO Xiueref Origami Management +39 328 9075867 (profile) (page) instagram @asco_music

WITH WIT - Massimo Paramour

WITH WIT is a 1996 creation by Paramour, aka Massimo Braghieri, selected for the record catalog of the independent label Level49 among his many works. The full version With Wit (Liturgic mix) will give the title to the album “WITH WIT A Retrospective: unreleased tracks 1988-2018”, a collection of compositions by Paramour, some of which specifically composed for Roberto Dassoni's documentaries and others as original dance productions .

Project: Paramour "WITH WIT a retrospective" album, Music: Massimo Braghieri, Productions & Engineering: Massimo Paramour, Director & Director of photography: Roberto Dassoni, Label: Level49.

The titles in the Cd album, DVD and vinyl collections are eight: TEMA MASCALZONE, TEMA ROMANTICO, LA RAGIONE D’ESSER DEL PUGILE, PICA! PICA! PICA !, MARTIN, HARD TO DYE (Trumpet cut-up mix), DANCE (move it yo) and WITH WIT (Liturgic mix).

The video collection is created with the radio edits of the recordings. The mastering of the album is by Alberto Callegari Elfo Studio (Piacenza).

Paramour is not only a DJ, but a musician in every sense of the word. He is an organist, an orchestra conductor, a music composer/arranger, a sound engineer and producer.

He started performing and teaching after his master degree in Organ and Composition, but his love for electronic music led astray and he got a job at the emerging dance music label Media Records.

In the following years, he co-wrote and arranged a international dance-hits for Cappella, 49ers, Sharada House Gang, Clubhouse to name a few, and collaborated with producers such as Ashley Beedle, Gemini, Ralphi Rosario, Roc & Cato, Chris Coco and A Man Called Adam.

Massimo moved to New York in 1999 where he continued to produce for artists like De’Lacy, Shawnee Taylor, Jimmy Somerville, Tito Puente, Angie Brown, Jocelyn Brown, Michele Blade, Debbie Pender releasing on Azuli records, Am:Pm, Easy Street, Sony, Cheeky, Polygram and Hi-Bias. He relocated to London in 2004 where he continued his music activity, mostly writing for TV, theatre and documentaries and engineering for several DJ producers. His professional DJ career started in 2008, with his monthly residency at Megawoof.

Paramour distinctive style, a mixture of nu-disco/indie dance, Electronic Tech-House and Techno attracted the attention of many and in less than a year he won the Best Newcomer DJ in BOYZ scene awards. Since then, his DJ activity literally took off, with him playing at several major London parties (Trade, We Party, A:M afterhours, Matinee, Movimento afterhours, Beyond, Room Service, Dollar Baby and the most recent Trough) and venues (Fire, The Coronet, The Egg, East Bloc, Club Aquarium, Ministry of Sound and Scala) but also internationally (Spain, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Greece, Germany, China, Taiwan, South Korea and USA) In the last 4 years, he has been busy in his recording studio engineering and helping renowned DJs like Pagano, Tony Bruno and Gordon John and arranging for singers/songwriters like Polina Griffith, Rozalla, Barbara Tucker, Diane Charlemagne and many others, besides also working at his own music.

His collaboration with Gianluca Pighi “Come with me” reached No.2 in the Traxsource Dance Chart, while “Waiting” featuring Alexander Price went up to No. 32 in the Beatport Indie Dance chart. More recently, his collaboration with Per QX “Ready For This” was played by Pete Tong on his BBC Radio 1 show, and was supported by producers such as Hot Since 82, Eric Prydz, Rene Amesz, Camelphat, Mark Knight, Sonny Wharton, Reset Safari, Dave Angel and Tough Love, just to name a few.

Massimo Braghieri alias Paramour, Italian DJ and producer born in 1969 Piacenza now based in London, UK. He collaborate with the independent label Level49 from the 2011 year of publication of PICA! PICA! PICA!

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WHY MUST I WAIT? - Alessandro Bertozzi

I love writing songs. All the sudden, the melody hits me when I listen to voices that give me emotions. This collection is dedicated to all the singers that interpreted my music.

The record collects 9 songs composed by Alessandro Bertozzi inspired by the unmistakable voices of Paola Folli, Hiram Bullock, Joshua Lloyd West alias doctor West, Luca Velletri, Melody Castellari and Jean Diarra with whom he creates duets together with his Yamaha alto saxophone.

With the launch of the new album WHY MUST I WAIT? Alessandro wants to commemorate the friendship and the musical collaboration with the Afro-American guitarist Hiram Bullock.

All the compositions are by Alessandro Bertozzi while the lyrics are written by David James Stockdale, Melody Castellari, Jean Diarra and Joshua Lloyd West.

The songs are edited in Alessandro's Talkin'back, Crystals and Funky Party which are all part of the Level49 catalogue, apart from "A new kind of dawn" and "Break out" that are published for the first time. The album has been mastered by Alberto Callegari who collected various recordings performed at the Elfo Studio between 1999 and 2019.

A new kind of dawn is performed by Luca Velletri (Alessandro Bertozzi, David Stockdale - WHY MUST I WAIT?),
Break out is performed by Paola Folli (Alessandro Bertozzi, David Stockdale - WHY MUST I WAIT?),
Deeper than blue is performed by Melody Castellari (Alessandro Bertozzi, David Stockdale - ROSES ARE NOT FLOWERS V),
Fed up and No doubt about are performed by Paola Folli (Alessandro Bertozzi, David Stockdale- TALKIN'BACK),
Party tonight is performed by Joshua West (Alessandro Bertozzi, Joshua West-FUNKY PARTY),
Real destination is performed by Jean Diarra (Alessandro Bertozzi, Jean Diarra - REAL DESTINATION),
Together alive is performed by Melody Castellari (Alessandro Bertozzi, Melody Castellari- ROSES ARE NOT FLOWERS I),
Why must I wait? Is performed by Hiram Bullock (Alessandro Bertozzi -CRYSTALS).

The compositions and the alto/soprano saxophone parts are performed by Alessandro Bertozzi.
Max Rapetti plays the piano on Deeper than blue while the album's graphical layout is by Luca Zaniononi.
The video clip about the recording of WHY MUST I WAIT, is directed by Roberto Dassoni and performed by the actress Carolina Migli Bateson can be viewed on YouTube at the following link:

To receive the copy of the album at your address, write an email to:

Max Repetti: Pictures of Life

“Picture of life is a fresco of my life.
Each piece of music represents experiences, people, colours, desperation, hope, towns, and silences.
It is an itinerant novel travelling from New York to Paris, from Rio de Janeiro to Rome, and to my native countryside.
Distances that can be filled by the notes that change dissonances into consonances, haunt the silence and freeze a seemingly impossible equilibrium.
This is my life, and this is who I am.”

Massimiliano Repetti was born in Piacenza on 28 June 1970. He graduated at Conservatory Giuseppe Nicolini in Piacenza in 1994 with a degree in piano in the class of M. Midori Kasahara.
In 1966 he moved to Paris where he lived for 4 years and attended the C.I.M. Ecole de Jazz to complete his musical education. Between 2000 and 2004 he lived and worked as a piano teacher in Rouen (Normandy) before returning to Italy when he established some important artistic collaborations as a music teacher and concert performer.
Since 2010 he has worked as a music director and has also been teaching piano and music for ensemble at Artemusica music academy which he founded. In 2011 he completed a Higher Diploma in sound technology at Conservatory Giuseppe Verdi in Milan.Pianist for the Placentia Gospel Choir, keyboardist for the Italian Gospel Choir (the Italian national gospel choir) and Melody Castellari's pianist as well. From 2013 to 2016 he is arranger and pianist for English singer Greg Lake, leader of King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. In 2017 he is arranger for the italian singer Eugenio Finardi. Also in 2017 he presented and performed his piano solo album “Pictures of Life” at the Josè Alencar’s Theatre in Fortaleza (Brasil) and at the Staatliche Balletchule Berlin’s Auditorium (Germany). In 2018 he released Greg Lake’s carrer album “Moonchild” with singer Annie Barbazza for Manticore Italy label.

ROSES ARE NOT FLOWERS collection V - Melody Castellari

In the fifth collection of Roses Are Not Flowers, Melody Castellari presents the young singer Arianna Chiara De Piccoli who, winning the 1st prize "Germano Varesi" at Valtidone International Music competition, marks the important collaboration with the independent record label Level49.
The album contains songs selected by Melody Castellari from Level49's record catalog plus two new exciting and evocative songs in gospel style.
Melody sings the songs Fed Up and Deeper than Blue, she produces Arianna Chiara's vocals in studio for the songs No Doubt About, Come back home, Together Alive and sings with her the gospel songs Be Free and Say a Prayer.
The album also contains the instrumental tracks (no lead vocals) of each song.
The composers of the songs contained in this album are: Melody Castellari, Alessandro Bertozzi, Giorgio Tosi, David Stockdale and Antonello Saviozzi.
The gospel song Be Free is composed by Giorgio Tosi, playwright and composer.
The arrangement and musical performance of Deeper than blue is by Maestro Max Repetti.
No Doubt About is the song chosen for the video recording of Arianna Chiara De Piccoli. Composed by the saxophonist Alessandro Bertozzi and David Stockdale for Paola Folli, on the occasion of the recording of the album "Talk'in Back" of 2003, she was selected by Melody Castellari for Roses are not Flowers Collection V in Anna Chiara's interpretation. The video clip direction is by Roberto Dassoni. The album is digitally distributed by Artist First (Milan) and the historical store Alphaville (Piacenza)

“INTO THE STRINGS” by Alessandro Bertozzi

The Italian saxophonist releases his sixth album issued with Level49 label. A journey that leads us to discover the artist’s jazz and classical sounds - both blues and electro-acoustic - through his new musical compositions, as well as some favourite pieces of music arranged for his contralto sax and a string orchestra.
A selection of 10 pieces realised in collaboration with Maestro Stefano Zavattoni’s string orchestra, with Archimia Quartet (Serafino Tedesi violin, Paolo Costanzo violin, Matteo del Soldà viola, Andrea Anzalone cello) alongside with musicians Andrea Carpena on guitar, Lorenzo Poli and Max Laganà on bass, Giovanni Giorgi and Enrico Santangelo on drums.
Prior to “Into The strings”, Alessandro Bertozzi made 5 albums: Big City Dreamers (1998) – Talkin' back (2003) – Crystals (2010) - Contralto (2014) – Funky Party (2017) and the Step By Step compilation ( 2009).
The video clips are directed by Davide Legni. They are available on YouTube while the pieces can be downloaded from all digital platforms by Artist First.

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Jean Diarra, together with the artistic producer Alessandro Bertozzi, composes and records the songs that anticipate the next tour and complete the lineup of live shows. The lyrics in Wolof, French and English languages join the sound and the groove that makes EtnOrchestra so special. Jean’s voice is strong and engaging and, together with the music, the artist tells the stories of the African people contaminated by the influence of other ethnic groups. Dominant are Jean’s thoughts about peace, love, respect for nature and for every living being. Songs and sounds that transmit evocative and serene emotions, desire to live and dance to the rhythm of the tam tam and the djembe. The video clips, In My Dream, Real Destination and Azizè are directed by the video maker Roberto Dassoni and available on Youtube. Digital distribution by Artist First-Milan. Level49 supports the PLANETE ZERO SENEGAL project, the association founded in 2012 in London by Jean Diarra.

EtnOrchestra Samples – Jean Diarra

The label Level49 and Jean Diarra provide musicians and DJs with samples from the songs published in Wolof Movement and Real Destination. Jean's voice is strong, engaging and unmistakable as well as Alessandro Bertozzi's saxophone sound.
Level49 and its Artists support PLANETE ZERO SENEGAL, devolving the full income from EtnOrchestra’s music sales to the association’s initiatives.
Digital distribution by Artist First – Milan Italy.


Jean Diarra, lead voice of EtnOrchestra, restyles and collects some of the songs performed during the many European live performances between 2006 and 2011 adding lyrics in Wolof language but keeping the original groove and sound of the band.
EtnOrchestra, critic and audience awarded in prestigious international performances (POOKOMM-Germany, WOMEX-Netherlands&Spain, MERCAT de MUSIC VIVE-Spain, MEDIMEX and MEI-Italy, WMC MIAMI-Florida-US, MUSIC NET-Switzerland) supports PLANETE ZERO SENEGAL, the cultural organization founded by Jean Diarra in 2012. “In my dream”, the first track of the new album has been used as the musical background for Jean’s video-interview where he explains the purpose and the goals of the project.
Some remixes with his one-of-a-kind voice and the music have been recorded like ININNA TORA (Nick Corline), ANANAWE (Stylus Robb), THORA THORA (Tom Wax e StroBe), TORA (Kura), TORA TORA (Asco), TRIBAL SAMBA (Andrea Bertolini). Together with the album, samples from the more representative songs will be published, to provide material to artists who want to create new remixes.
The incomes coming from both publishing and live performances will be donated to Planete Zero Senegal projects.

Roses are not flowers - collection IV - Melody Castellari

This collection contains brand new songs and other chosen form Level 49’s catalogue, played by professional artists and young talents.  Melody Castellari made a remake of the songs “Metterò le ali” and “Oltre”, written by Giovanni Baiardi.  She is also the singing teacher of young Nicole Cebrero at the school Artemusica and guided her through the recording session of “Donna a metà”, written by Alessandro Bertozzi.  Simona Barletta is the winner of the Mia Martini Award in 2016 and is the singer and producer of the songs “L’Oro nei lividi” and “Imparo a volare”.  Giorgia Romanelli is the winner of the National music contest “Germano Varesi 2017”, hers the vocals on “Inverso” of which the video is already online.  Sara Fornito, leader of the band Diva Scarlet, presents some of the songs that signed the debut of the band with Level 49. In that year, 2009, they played on the prestigious stage of “Primo Maggio” in Rome.  A collection of inspired songs and catchy rhythm that entice the listener to the singing .  At the bottom of the lineup you’ll find the Karaoke Versions ready to use. 

Suite Irlandes – The Clover

SUITE IRLANDES is the collection of songs that make up the musical repertoire of THE CLOVER, which since 1999 offer music from the popular tradition of the Celtic areas (Ireland, Scotland and Brittany), songs from the Piacenza and Lombard tradition, as well as songs of original composition.
The group is present at various festivals and events among them, in 2003, the XXIII Festival of the Piacentina Song in which the Clover won with Cantarana the awards for "Best Text" and "Best Song".

THE CLOVER by 2015 is made up of:
Luca Sidoli - voice, guitar, tin whistle
Luca Zaninoni – voice , bodhrán, percussioni
Marina Chiucchiuini e Chiara Ferrari- choirs
Marcello Gamba - accordion, concertina, low whistle,
Alessandro Perotti - guitar, mandolin, bass, bouzouki,
Nicolò Fornari-violin

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La Collina - Marco Rancati.

Transformation and rebirth distinguish this EP by Marco Rancati. In collaboration with musician David Corradi, he wrote four songs, all different one from the other for musical genre and sounds.

Ranging from Arabian nuances to Spanish-rock, 70s funk, electronic and reggae sonorities, they reveal all the versatility and professionalism of the authors, who aimed to convey their passion for music through the distinctive voice of Marco.

Arrangements, production, recording and mastering are by Davide Corradi, who took also care of all the bass and guitar parts, as well as of drums and percussions.Other contributors to the EP were: Jaime Dolce, Mirko Baistrocchi, Renzo Rossi, Beppe Cantarelli.

The song La Collina dell’Albero Nero officially titles the videoclip, realized by Warinhari and published on Youtube also in the latin-american version. The Spanish lyrics of La Colina del Arbol Negro were translated by Mimmo Politanò.

The album is part of the Level49 catalogue, and is distributed in all digital platforms. iTunes / Apple Music Google Play

Funky Party - Alessandro Bertozzi.

Under the sign of funk Alessandro, duets on Party Tonight with the American rapper Joshua West aka Dr.West . He publish in E.P. two new instrumental compositions and remix of Dirty Windshield in collaboration with musicians of great music such as Alfredo Golino (drums), Lorenzo Poli (bass), Andrea Carpena (guitars), Alberto Gurrisi (hammond), Pancho Ragonese (keyboards), Alberto Venturini (percussion), Alessandro Fava (choir), Davide Ghidoni (trumpet), Carlo Napolitano (trombone). Registration for Elfo studio Tavenago Piacenza by Alberto Callegari and mixed Lorenzo Cazzaniga. Digital distribution Artist First ,social platforms download ,You tube.
The catchy melodies interpreted with passion and intensity with his alto sax show in Alexander, an exceptionally talented musician, creative, imaginative and capable of a multitude of artistic nuances.

Elios in panne.

Elios, alias Elia Cassinelli is a young bricklayer of the province of Piacenza, who writes and produces his songs . He tells in Elios in Panne his debut album, the experiences that have profoundly marked in its first 28 years become the outburst to a company that does not like and he would like with his words could change for the better.

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Roses are not Flowers III.

This collection is artistically produced by Melody Castellari featuring two new songs Celebration and Lovers. On the album also Simona Barletta, Martina Zoppi and Marguerite presenting their musical productions in English. The musical arrangement and the piano accompaniment of songs Deeper Than Blue, It's Sunshine, What Happened To Me and Morning Dew are by M° Max Repetti. A collection of atmospheric songs and catchy rhythm.

www.melodycastellari.comwww.divascarlet.itSara Cappelletti on Facebook

Alessandro Bertozzi: Live in Cortemaggiore 5.7.2016

A debut concert as part of SUMMERTIME IN JAZZ 2016 new project by Alessandro Bertozzi. Into the Strings. Flanked by the artist; Archimia quartet (Tedesi Serafino violin, Paul Costanzo violin, the viola Soldà Matteo, Andrea Anzalone cello) Lorenzo Poli bass, Andrea Carpena guitars, keyboards Nicolo Fragile, Giacinto Mallorca drums. The tour anticipate the publication on the album.

Saxophonist in concert offers an original selection of atmospheric songs, gender and different periods, all dedicated, as he, himself, Bertozzi "to those who love instrumental music and the saxophone". They range from his early successes, Big City Dreamer, Crystals, Talkin'back, unreleased songs from Blues for stings, High Voltage and Slow No. 5. Completing the lineup reinterpretations of the unforgettable The Way We Were (Barbra Streisand) Sweet Child o 'Mine (Guns N Roses) and Is not She lovely (Stevie Wonder). A dynamic spectacle and engaging about 80 minutes. The live video can be seen on you tube channels.

Marguerite: Stolen Wings

Marguerite is an English singer-songwriter who is back in Italy where she has her origins. She sang in New York, London, Israel, Isle of Wight, in Lourdes in France on Radio London and in AIR STUDIOS member of Chryselis and Air groups of companies for Sir George Martin. In 2003, she released an album of his "Walk With Me" songs, of which all proceeds were donated to Charity.

STOLEN WINGS is Marguerite 's new Album made in Italy at Elfo Studios and London Studios ( UK)

Musicians, Max Repetti, Renato Podestà, Giovanni Guerretti, Alex Carreri, Omar Dodaro, Stefano Bertolotti, Fabrizio De Facqz, Jordy Tagliaferri, Carlo Pisani, Nereo Villa, Paolo Codognola, Rowan ODuffey, Marty Strings Quartett. Sound engineer responsable for the recording is Alberto Callegari.

The album is in digital download and You Tube

Notte di Musica: the show on DVD

The acclaimed show, that featured one hundred artists from Piacenza to the Politeama Theatre, received SIAE's patronage for its particular and highly cultural nature.

Young students, dancers and musicians, alongside professionals, came together to support "Authors' Rights".

Everyone, passionately, lined up to support the strong message launched by the organisers: "Without artists, authors, and their work, there wouldn't be excitement, beauty, and passion brought by art. Supporting shows like this, ensures a future for art in your city."

An hour of fun and harmony; after the cartoon that opened the show, a succession of stunning performances presented by Andrea Dossena and Melody Castellari:
Marco Rancati, Alessandro Bertozzi, Amedeo Morretta, Placentia Gospel Choir, Roberto Barocelli, Umberto Dadà, Mikeless and Morrywood, Alberto Zucconi, Misfatto, Clover, P.O.Box Tribute, Artemusica (directed by MaxRepetti) and Artemusica DanceLab (directed by Simona Gnarini).

Notte di Musica: CD collection

The acclaimed show, that featured one hundred artists from Piacenza to the Politeama Theatre, received SIAE's patronage for its particular and highly cultural nature.

Young students, dancers and musicians, alongside professionals, came together to support "Authors’ Rights". Everyone, passionately, lined up to support the strong message launched by the organisers:

"Without artists, authors, and their work, there wouldn't be excitement, beauty, and passion brought by art. Supporting shows like this, ensures a future for art in your city."

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Mikeless: Il maniaco

This is a record that has taken shape from me, but then it is modeled passing between the fingers of a little 'different people, who have left him passion and creativity. Sharing is always best.

After the first publication in 2013 of the album "Mikeless", Michael in 2015 shows "The Maniac", a more conscious and mature hard where he expresses his personality. The album includes eight songs composed entirely by the author: Soul, Punishment, The Maniac, Small, Rules, Verses and Words. Generational solstice, Funky Love, for discografice labels Level49 and Taitù Music.